So, I Guess I'm Asexual

My hugs bring all the folks to the yard and they're like: oh fuck, you're asexual?

  1. cats-22 answered: kisses :)
  2. kyeoa answered: i really love back hugs. hugs in general are nice. cuddling is nice as well
  3. caitatonic answered: I don’t like any shows of physical affection. Period.
  4. clearly-c0nfused answered: Hugging and nothing more, anything beyond that makes me uncomfortable.
  5. steampunkandroid answered: Hugs. Nothing more than that, though. It’s the perfect level of comfortable physical contact.
  6. fangheart answered: Hugging from behind. There’s something so comforting about it. You feel safer.
  7. sherriffdeadcrackers answered: HUGS!
  8. the-fast-and-the-fluffiest answered: hugging
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