So, I Guess I'm Asexual

My hugs bring all the folks to the yard and they're like: oh fuck, you're asexual?

  1. cats-22 answered: Not to keep them happy, but as a nice thing to make someone happy that I love, sure. I am physically capable of arousal, so it’s not all bad.
  2. kyeoa answered: never. i’m not sex repulsed in the least, but i really want nothing to do with it. also ideally i would be in a queerplatonic relationship.
  3. iwuvvintgee answered: No. I’m extremely sex-repulsed. Just touching my thighs would make me jump/shiver with disfort. What can I say, it’s an impulse.
  4. ruthlessanduseless answered: I have no idea, if they were comfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t do as much of the sex thing than them. I don’t know really
  5. shaestel answered: No, not JUST to keep them happy. My opinions and feelings are important too.
  6. asf13957 answered: Sure, but I’m indifferent, not repulsed. But if my partner needed sex to stay with me, I’d probably leave, as they don’t value me for me.
  7. sherriffdeadcrackers answered: no
  8. adventures-in-asexuality answered: Never. And if sex meant so much to them, I wouldn’t be the right person for them.
  9. zombiesasametaphor answered: In an ideal world, this partner would not require sex to be happy, so the answer is no.
  10. cleverinpink answered: Only if they’re respectful of what makes me happy too, and only on my terms (which are generous).
  11. dixiesaurer answered: i would because i would want my partner to be happy. but we would have to be really close. i cant really even imagine how close.
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